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The Ghost Camp

"Jamie, Jane this is cabin #6," said Lisa (our camp counsellor).

Six my unlucky number. Jane and I were at our first sleep over camp. This was not a good way to start I thought, as Lisa opened the door.

"This is the main floor. It has the kitchen and T.V.," she said as we stepped inside.

I looked across the room. In a far corner there was a big ladder. I walked over to it and climbed up. I heard a distant voice behind me say, "This is the loft where the older girls sleep." The younger kids sleep in the main house and the counsellors sleep in their own cabins.

The loft consisted of four hay stuffed mattresses and two candles. In one corner of the room there was a huge window.

"I will leave you girls to get settled. When you are finished meet me in the dining room."

When Lisa disappeared I flopped down on the nearest bed which happened to be the one next to the window. Jane spread her sleeping bag on the bed next to me. A few minutes later two girls came into the loft. One's name was Maggie. She had blond hair and green eyes. The other was Meghan. She had brown hair and blue eyes. She was a little plump.

I lay on my bed in the dark. Everyone was asleep. Something under my bed was keeping me up. Finally I decided to have a look. Maybe a poor mouse had gotten stuck. When I lifted the bed there was a big trap door planted beneath. I looked for a way to open it. There was only a little metal ring. It took all my strength to pull it up. It was not a passage instead it was a little storage place.

I reached in to see if there was anything left. I grasped a piece of paper and drew it out. The paper turned out to be an envelope. I opened it. Inside there was a piece of paper. The paper was taped together and when I opened it a locket fell to the floor. I picked it up and examined it. The locket was on a very pretty gold chain. It must have been left by another girl I thought as I opened the note. I stopped dead. In someone's blood a person had printed, "Free Me ! This Means You Jamie Dunwood!"

I gasped and looked down at the locket. When I opened it inside was a picture of a pretty dark haired girl. I had no idea who she was. In fact I had never seen her in my life.

Suddenly the door slammed shut. It was Lisa. Quickly I shoved my bed over the hole and jumped in. I waited. No one came. I looked out the window. Someone dressed in white was streaking towards the beach. One of the little kids had been spying on me. I raced down the ladder and out the door. I ran after the white figure and caught up to it right by the water. When it turned around I saw to my horror that it was the same girl on the locket except she was white and I could see through her. I screamed loudly and Jane came running.

"What's wrong Jamie?"

"The, the, it's a ghost! It was here!" I turned around and pointed to the place where the ghost had been but it was gone.

"What was there?" Jane asked as we walked back to the cabin!

"Nothing Jane , it was just my imagination," I said. "Let's get inside before Lisa realizes that we are gone!"

S.S., Grade Five
Bishop Strachan School





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