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The Headless Ghost

A little boy named Bob woke up excitedly. He ran to his brother's room. "James, James ! " cried Bob, "It's time to go to the forest by ourselves." James nodded. They went outside and rode their bikes. They rode and rode and rode until they got to the forest.

"Wild Forest." James read the sign that was in front of them, "BEWARE: wild animals and ghosts perhaps."

"Sounds scary." squeaked Bob who couldn't read.

"Come on." said James bravely.bug

They looked around the forest until the sky was dark. When they went to sleep they heard a sound. "Whooo....." cried a voice, "Give me back my head. Whooo....." James and Bob looked very frightened. They saw a ghost! A ghost without a head!! When the ghost saw James and Bob he said, "Let me introduce myself. These are my fellows." Six ghosts appeared. The headless ghost continued, "I am the leader of the ghosts, the ghost of the forest!"

The ghosts all cheered. "A long time ago I was killed by John Bongo. He cut off my head and ran off with it. I am still looking for that head." said the headless ghost.

"S s s s so what's your name?" stammered James.bug

"My name is Quinn." sighed the headless ghost, "It means wise." Suddenly the ghosts all disappeared.

"I guess Quinn can't tell his name to anybody." whispered Bob.

"I think you're right." said James.

"Let's get out of here." said James. They rode their bikes as fast as a bullet. They kept on riding till James rode over something big and round. They both looked down and saw ..... a HEAD !!

P.J., Grade Five
Bishop Strachan School





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