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My Camping Experience

It was camping day. My friends and I camped nearby forests and lakes. There were only three of us.....our instructor who was named Peter, myself, and my good friend, Julie. We brought peanut butter sandwiches on the go, and bottled water. That was our breakfast and lunch, but our dinner happened to be granola bars.

We went in our canoe to various islands, and set sight on a small one. It was the size of about twelve cars. There were three trees, a bush, and just enough space to set up our camping tent. Life was great! We didn't have to do the dishes, and various other activities.

The sound of crickets chirping, and wolves howling made me feel so cold.....What made me feel worse was that the howling noises weren't coming from far away-no...they were coming from next-door!

Each minute felt like half a minute, and the sky turned dark quickly. The tent was set, and I gobbled down my granola bar.

I didn't feel comfortable. I missed my parents, and brother James, and my Golden Retriever, Nelson.

Bedtime was 9:45, and that's what time it was.bug

We went into the tent, and I set up my sleeping area bedside Julie's. Peter slept near the entrance, and I slept near the window. It was clear and plastic.

The moon shone brightly, and the stars twinkled.

Julie fell asleep, and Peter was dozing. The silence made me feel like I was alone.

Here's where the excitement begins: bug
Suddenly, I heard splashing . . .Something moving smoothly. I tapped Peter on his back...No answer. He was fast asleep.

I looked out of my window. On the lake, I saw a reflection of a canoe.

I saw splashes and waves. Something or somebody was in the water. I was the only one awake. I kept totally silent. A wolf howled, and somebody chuckled. What would I do?.......What would you do?...............

Stretching over, (trying to be silent) I gave Peter a huge "WHACK!!" His eyes opened slowly, and he looked at me as if that I were the weirdest thing. "SHHH!" I said. He looked confused. I put my hand behind my ear to indicate: Listen!

I've never seen Peter scared before. bug

Anyways, I said "GO!" He left and went to see what was the problem. Out of the window, I saw him looking around.

Nobody was there! Our only clue was that there was a canoe and a pair of paddles on our island, and the next morning, the equipment was gone!

Next morning, Peter and I were so scared. Julie was confused when we told her what happened.

Next week, (when we switched islands) the same thing happened. Exactly the same. It was a mystery. I never saw Peter again, and whenever I saw Julie, she always asked me questions.

I never went back to that particular camp ever, ever again.

K.S., Grade Five
Bishop Strachan School





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