A Ghost Story

Last summer I went camping with some friends. At night time we all gathered in a circle around the camp fire and told ghost stories. It was really exciting. I can still remember a really spine-chilling one :

Once upon a time there was a girl called Christina. She loved to sleep-over at her friend's house. Her mother didn't mind because she was seventeen and she could take care of herself.

One day after school Christina said, "Mum, I'm home, please may I go over to Marilyn's house to sleep-over for a week?"

Her mother said, "Okay, you may go but you cannot stay at Marilyn's house for a week because there would be too much trouble for them."

Christina replied, "Fine. I will stay there for two nights then." Her mother agreed. So Christina went to Marilyn's house right away. That night there was a thunder-storm and the thunder and lightning woke Christina up. She went downstairs to get something to drink because she was feeling thirsty. When she got downstairs she decided to watch television while she was drinking her juice. When she turned on the television Dracula was on all the channels. She thought it would be really frightening to watch "Dracula" in a stormy night so she sat down in front of the television because she loved excitement. She saw a girl going up the attic to look for some old story books. Suddenly a horrible dark figure popped out and it was "Dracula" ! The girl was so frightened that she could not run. Dracula bit her neck and she was dead. Christina thought it was silly. But as Dracula turned around, a hand reached out from the television and got hold of Christina.

Before she knew what was happening she found herself inside an old, dark, mansion with dusty furniture and cobwebs all over the place. There was a coffin in the middle of the hall and and the cover was being pushed up slowly from the inside. Along with the squeaky noise rose Dracula! Christina ran for her life immediately. She was running on a red carpet leading to a heavy wooden door. Unfortunately there were hundreds of hands rising from the carpet trying to catch her. Although she was caught by them several times, she managed to escape. She opened the door with all her strength and dashed outside. But to her surprise there was nothing to support her feet! She found herself falling and falling, into the darkness, and to nowhere. . .

We were all very scared after hearing this story. We stayed close to each other and could not sleep for the whole night. I think I would never watch a Dracula movie in a stormy night for the rest of my life.

M.C., Grade Five
Bishop Strachan School





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