The Howling Banshee

There was a bright, eerie light surrounding the cave, where the man stood transfixed to the spot as if hypnotized. He could feel the fear in his mind and the evil presence that was haunting it.

Suddenly, an image of the presence appeared , with flaming red eyes and a grotesque ancient looking face. With white hair flying wildly across its face, the thing looked extremely evil. The man slowly reached his small sack hanging at his waist. He drew out a handful of turquoise coloured powder and with one swift motion threw the powder at the spiritual being. The creature's face was twisted in agony and disappeared into the cave. The mysterious man then muttered a couple of words and the cave was sealed off by large rocks. He muttered another couple of words once again and then disappeared quickly through the trees.

About fifty years after this happened, a boy called Scott and his family moved into the town which was named Crenshaw. He was an average twelve year-old boy with smooth black hair and attitude. His family moved into a large worn down mansion which was located very close to the ancient forest where the cave was.

Scott was a boy who loved adventure and usually went to camp during the summer. But this summer he would be going to a new camp: Camp Thunder. He had started packing for camp a week prior. "I can hardly wait," exclaimed Scott, "the adventure is about to begin!" The days flew like the wind and the day when Scott Samson would be leaving for camp came at last.

"Bye, Mum!" shouted Scott, "See ya later!"

"Tell me all about camp when you get back!" said his Dad.

Scott got onto the bus and sat down. With a roar of the engine the bus started making its way into the gloomy, ancient forest.

They got there at eleven o' clock where they were greeted by the camp counsellors. They were given their bunks and were off to lunch. At lunch, Scott met a sleazy looking guy called Buster. Buster told him a bit about camp and the town.

"Indians used to inhabit this area," explained Buster, "they had a legend about an ancient banshee that lurked in these very woods."

The food in Scott's mouth flew out like a rocket.
"You mean you're telling me that ..."
Scott was cut off by the voice of a camp counsellor announcing the afternoon activities.

"The first activity we're doing today is a hike around the camp. Please report to your bunks at 1p.m.."

At 1p.m., Scott was ready for the hike. The counsellor came and they started making their way into the forest. After about fifteen minutes, they reached something that looked like it was once a cave.

There were huge boulders everywhere. Here and there were small cracks and holes where Scott could feel air coming out. "This huge piece of rock was probably once a cave. Nobody knows what's hidden in the cave but none have ever tried to find out. But, you and I will be the first." The counsellor's creepy speech had got into Scott's nerves.

"What is this? A camp or a slavery?" thought Scott.

The counsellor reached into his knapsack and took out a dozen shovels. "Get a shovel and start digging!" shouted the counsellor.

When they finally stopped working, it was dark already. They had removed all the boulders that sealed the cave. The counsellor then ordered them to stand in a straight line in directly in front of the opening.

"Prepare yourself for death!" shouted the counsellor.

There was a sudden wind and a grotesque looking figure came out. One by one the campers disappeared into thin air. When the thing was next to him Scott ran like the wind. While he was running, his turquoise coloured cap fell off. He heard a scream behind him and all was still. He found the counsellor and the others untouched.

"It was as if I was in a dream." said the counsellor. "You saved us."

Everything was all right after this adventure, but they never found out what it was and the case remained opened.

A.L., Grade Six, Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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