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The Woods

Ingrid Seynhaeve was taking a week off of her reporting job because of stress. Ingrid decided to go on a camping trip to a place where no one could reach and bother her. When she got all her equipment ready, she decided to invite a friend to come with her. Ingrid knew just the right person to ask: Paul. He never did anything special and she had thought for a long time that he should get out and about.

Ingrid called Paul. "Hi, Paul. It's Ingrid. I'm calling about the lunch we were going to ..."

"Oh, it's okay if you want to cancel the appointment," Paul interrupted.

"Oh, no I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to come with me on my camping trip," Ingrid announced.

"I would love to, but only if I can choose the place we go."

"Well I haven't really decided on a place yet. I was going to ask the camping association to recommend a good spot."

"Then can I choose the place?"

"Okay." bug

"Then we are going to the Macron Woods," Paul announced and hung up.

Both Paul and Ingrid were a little late the morning of their departure. When Paul got all his things into Ingrid's car they were 20 minutes behind schedule. The car ride up was not so bad, but Ingrid noticed that Paul was acting a little strange. He didn't talk at all. He just sat there with a horrified look on his face as if he was thinking of something frightening.

By the time that they got to the campsite, Paul was talking and seemed to have forgotten whatever he had been thinking about. However, when he got out of the car he got a pale look on his face. Ingrid first asked Paul where he wanted to set up for the night and after he told her, she asked him to tell her what was he thinking about. Paul said nothing.

After they set up and were in front of the camp fire, Ingrid noticed that there was a light directly behind Paul. It was darting closer and closer. It seemed like a firefly, and it seemed to settle directly above him. As soon as Paul turned around the light dimmed and a figure dramatically appeared from the dense forest behind them. It was hideous, with limbs missing and blood all over it. Then, just as Ingrid screamed, it was gone. It was just as if nothing had happened.bug

Paul started to say in a weak voice, "The reason we came here was that I wanted to see my wife again."

"Well then, where does she live?" Ingrid asked in an exasperated voice, not yet recovered from the horror of the prior scene.

"Nowhere. I can't see her, she can only see me."

"What do you mean?" Ingrid asked in a uneasy voice.

"Well, I killed her."bug

"How," asked Ingrid. She was rapidly approaching a state of panic.

"I accidentally ran her over in the car, but I was scared and so I threw her in the lake and now she haunts these woods..."

As soon as Ingrid heard this she saw the light again, but it looked different and was heading for the lake. It was not going to hit the camp site this time. As soon as it was over the lake, it was gone.

Ingrid knew that she should get out of there and report the death as fast as possible, but Paul had the keys to the car. After they had eaten, despite Ingrid's concern, they fearfully drifted off to sleep. In the middle of the night, when all as quiet, Ingrid heard the zipper of the tent open and saw a figure that was in a crooked posture and was transparent except for her beautiful trendy Roots outfit. As soon as Paul woke up, the figure raised something that seemed to be a part of a car that she was pulling out of her self. Paul knew how it got there. It was the car part that killed her when he ran over his wife.

As Paul said, "Why don't we stay here and live in Macron woods?" The figure lowered the car part, but hesitated then turned to Ingrid who was sitting in the corner of the tent holding a frying pan. The ghost hurled the car part at Ingrid and with a flash the ghost was gone with Paul. Ingrid died there in the tent from either starvation or by the mighty blow of the exhaust pipe. Paul is living a painful life in the lake with his wife. People, if they dare go to the Macron woods, can sometimes hear the screams of Paul on still dark nights.

D.I., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School






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