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The Black Forest

Lisa Strong was an L.I.T. at a camp in the Dark Valley that was surrounded by a forest called the Black Forest. Today Lisa was going on a camping trip with her cabin, but she didn't know where they were going. She was just as anxious as the children to find out where, when a counsellor came in and said that they were going to the Black Forest. They all started to laugh; the oldest kid even said it was a joke. Lisa asked why, and they all told the tale of little Tommy of Cabin 2 and how he was killed, and to this day he haunts the Black Forest.

The next day they started up through the Black Forest. It was an easy trip to the peak of the hill upon which the forest grew and it would only take a couple of days. The kids were happy to go and they all started to brag to Lisa that if the little ghost ever tried anything they would protect her.

It was cold and dark by the time they reached their first camp site. But, not long after their arrival, they heard the sound of a boy in distress. They all jumped up, and the counsellor ran to see what was happening. Then, they heard it again, except this was a scream of a cat, then silence. All the children started to yell back to the counsellor, but nothing happened. The rest of the night the children spent their time looking for what they assumed to be a lost boy and their counsellor who ran off to offer help. But, they had no luck.

When the sun came out the boys were very nervous and they looked for advice from Lisa. She didn't know what to say, but she told them to keep going and that it was probably just a prank. When they stopped for lunch they heard the yell again, except this time it scared them. The oldest camper in the group said it was probably just their counsellor and he was going to go catch him. He left the group and as time went by, it was evident that he too was gone, just like their counsellor.

Lisa led their trip again, and gave a pretty unbelievable reason for the disappearance of members of their group, but this time, the children didn't believe her. Some of the younger kids even started to cry. She tried to comfort them, but it was no use. When she thought the crying was over they heard something. It was the lost boy. One of the campers in the back screamed! He could see it or he thought he could. Lisa ran to the back, but it was too late. He was gone. There were only four campers left. And, one L.I.T.

By the time they reached camp, everyone was terrified; even Lisa. They all set up camp and Lisa told a boy to get some wood. All they heard were screams. Lisa had had it. She grabbed an axe and ordered all the campers to stay in their tents.

It was dark inside the forest; she could hardly see. There was a faint light near her and she started toward it. Campers' bodies were everywhere, soaked in blood, and the little boy was screaming. Then he jumped at her, piercing her sweet skin with his sharp teeth. She fell dazed, then she thought she could see the live campers around her, but she could see right through them and they were doing chants over her. Again she felt something: cold hands all over her body. It was like death had surrounded her and the hands were pulling her into the ground where the dead campers were.

"Noooooooo!!!" and that was it. There were no more trips to the Black Forest.


F.H., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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