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Ghosts? Get real!

It was a dark and stormy night. The windows were rattling with the wind, and the door was swinging wildly like a pit bull on steroids. Strong gusts of wind blew into the vacant mansion. As the wind entered the house, a shape started to take form, although not a solid one. It was a tall figure, seven feet high at least, but as lean as a tree branch. Its' eyes burned a bright blue flame with the intensity of the sun. His lean figure sought the stairs and went up them without touching the steps or making a sound. Once at the top, he found the open window and leaped out.

It was a bright and sunny morning, but still wet from last night's storm. In the small town of Tennebrae, a young man of about thirty was strolling across the marketplace. His name was Kazin. All who inhabited Tennebrae knew him. He was a famous ghost exterminator, for Tennebrae was frequently "haunted" by ghosts. People greeted him in the streets and gave him free fruits. He was returning to his home from the mayor's house, when he saw that his house at the edge of a cliff had been totally trashed - by something that he did not know. He walked in and saw that, for all the mess, nothing had been stolen. The magic maker lived in a small house, for he was a poor man, and did not get paid very much for his work. People thought that with the right equipment, even they could rid the town of ghosts, but he knew otherwise. Kazin knew that you needed to know all the right incantations, and had to have the courage of a knight. The ghost exterminator moved to the back of the room and opened a secret compartment in the wall to check on his rare and expensive equipment that he used to make the ghosts mortal for a short time before sending them to the Underworld to be locked there forever. As he looked out the window, he saw the sun starting to set, and he hurried back to the house of the mayor with his equipment.

By the time he reached the mayor's house again, the sun had set, and everybody was indoors. He knocked on the door and the maid opened it.

"I must see the mayor," he gasped.bug

"Come in, Kazin and sit yourself down in the lounge. The mayor will be with you shortly," replied the maid.

"Thank you." He went to the lounge and sat down in the chair that was dedicated to him and waited for the mayor. Five minutes later, the bulky figure of the mayor came down the winding stairs to greet him. There was a small patch of red on him and Kazin questioned him about it.

"Oh, just some cherry pie from dinner. So, Kazin, why have you come here? Just to pay a visit?"

"Unfortunately, no. Someone or something broke into my house last night when I was here. I suspect that it did not steal anything, but something still troubles me about this action."

"Should I have my men check out the scene for you?" asked the mayor.

"No, thank you. I think that it is a ghost, and do not think that it would leave any obvious tracks."

"Why would you think that it is a ghost?"bug

"I have sensed a disturbance in the Underworld's seals. I am afraid that maybe one of the most powerful devils, Zalbard, has escaped."

"Hmm. This could be dangerous towards the residential areas. Do you think you can handle it?"

"Yes. Please excuse me mayor, I need to go to the washroom."

"Fine. Second door on the right." bug

"Thank you mayor." Kazin walked down the hall, but before he reached the second door, he saw, from under the first door, a patch of red. He opened the door a crack and had a great shock. There, lying on the bed, was the maid. Her head, though, lay on the other side of the room, frozen with fear. A knife lay at the foot of the bed, the mayor's personal knife, that no one else was allowed to use. He quickly shut the door and snuck into the washroom and flushed the toilet, then snuck into the third room. The wife of the mayor was hanging by the neck from the ceiling. He saw a suicide note, but knew it was fake.

Then he heard the voice of the mayor. "Kazin! O Kazin! Where are you? You're not searching through my house are you? Come out Kazin!" Then the mayor started going through the hall.

Kazin leapt through the fourth door and hid in the closet there. The sound of his heart beating rang through his ears as he waited in anxiety. The footsteps were approaching. He heard the planks creak, and his equipment being thrown out of the window. Then, he held his breath as the door to that room opened. He heard the voice of the mayor, "Kazin?"

Footsteps approached the closet. Kazin's heart raced. As he backed into the closet he felt something. Then the door was flung open. The mayor stepped in, and then the door was slammed behind him. At that moment, Kazin, who had slammed the closet door made a break for it. The mayor passed through the wall, and without touching the ground, started to pursue him. Kazin bounded down the stairs and out of the building to his equipment. As he was reaching for the door to the garden, he fainted from the bolt of electricity that was shot from the mayor. The mayor had been transformed to his true state.

He was a seven foot tall demon from the Underworld realms. His face was distorted because of the flames down under, and horns protruded from his skull. Kazin recovered and managed to gasp, "Zalbard..."

"Yes young Kazin. You vanquished me 5 years ago. I have escaped, and come back for revenge. You must die for your insolence."

Then he lay a green and slimy hand on Kazin's shoulder and started to drain his life from him. Kazin's face was twisted with pain as he tried to wrench the iron grip from his shoulder. He lashed out with his foot, managing to catch the demon off guard and tripped him. He saw a hunk of pipe protruding from the wall and wrenched it off. As he did that, a thunderstorm started to form at his will. Kazin spinkicked the weakened demon and then stuck the metal pipe down Zalbard's back. A huge bolt of lightning struck the pipe and electrocuted Zalbard. The great devil's bones were showing beneath his thick green hide. He began to shrink as he wailed, "NOO!! Kazin! You shall pay for this disgrace!!"

Kazin dug a small circular shaped hole under the melting ghoul, and the ghoul was sucked in - a swirling mass of wind and flesh. Then the sky cleared as the last of Zalbard disappeared. The village was once again safe, but he knew that that would not be for long.


T.T., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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