The Lost Campers

One terribly foggy night some campers went out hunting for animals. They first found something with green and yellow eyes. It was sitting very still on a tree. The campers were very excited and curious to know what it was so they went to get a ladder to catch it.

Most of them were very afraid and the others were only scared of owls. Once they had caught it they yelled and screamed because it was an owl. One girl yelled, "Kill it!" The others kept on shouting, "Yes! Yes! Let's catch it and pull it's wings off."

lots of mice Before they pulled its wings off, the owl had a great idea - to turn each of them into mice! Then the owl turned each of them into mice . "I caught it!" shouted the camper. But the camper's voice was getting weaker and weaker and soon they had all turned into mice. When they were mice, they realized that it was a magic owl. The owl had magic powers to turn them into mice.

At the end the owl ate all of them up and sat very still again at the same tree forever to wait for the rest of the campers to come and catch him.

mice The teachers were afraid that the campers were lost in the woods so they went to find them. Still no signs of the children and the children were never seen anymore in the world.

C.S., Grade Five
Bishop Strachan School






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