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The Ghost with the Headache

One night Carrie was sitting around the fire at camp. The counsellors were going to tell them a scary story about a ghost with a headache. They said it was a true story and the ghost lived in the forest that they were camping in.

"Why does the ghost have a headache?" Carrie asked.

"You'll find out," the counsellor said. And he began to tell the story.

"One night back in 1935, a man named Christopher Hale went through the forest on his horse. He was going to chop some wood for his family. When he got to a good tree, he began to chop it down. He was about halfway through when a rabbit jumped out of its hole and grabbed the small axe. It was a big rabbit, so it was able to carry the axe up the tree. When he got to the top, he dropped the axe and it went into Christopher's head. It's still in there."

"That's disgusting!" Carrie said, "Can we go see the tree?"

"Sure," the counsellor said.

They went to the stables, hopped on their horses, and set off on a path towards the woods. When they got to the tree, Carrie stopped.

The tree was rotting out, and all the leaves had fallen off. There was a very big hole in the tree and there was a weird figure inside it. They moved closer to see what it was.

Carrie looked closely at the figure. It had a weird object in its head. It was an axe!

All the horses began to run. Carrie's horse got so scared it threw her off and began running.The weird figure attacked Carrie and they began fighting. Carrie got an idea. She took the axe out of the ghost's head and chooped the entire head off.

E.H., Grade Five
Bishop Strachan School






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