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The Gory Ghosts from Earth

If you hate blood and guts don't read this!

The ghosts have now been seen. The people now know that they can not fight them. They have taken over the Earth. They feed on the living. Very few people had escaped the deadly wrath of the ghosts. One of these people has been working on a way to exterminate all the ghosts, and set his people free.

John Whets had been an army commander and a scientist. He escaped, somehow, when the ghosts took over the Earth. He took the newest model of a space ship and flew it to Mars. Many men have been to Mars, and some even to Jupiter, but they died as soon as they got there. When Whets got to Mars some men were already there, creating a new society. Whets told them about what happened on Earth. Some didn't believe him and went back to Earth to check if he was right. John knew what happened to them; they were captured.

There were only three people left remaining who had not been captured by the ghosts: Amy Lien, Bob Kayo, and John Whets. They had set up their own community, just the three of them, on Mars. They had now started working on a substance to exterminate the ghosts.

They had been working for a year now and had finally found it. But what they didn't know is what had found them. The trio climbed onto their space ship, to return to Earth.

Once in the space ship and ready to go, Whets started up the ship. The engine started, choked and died. Bob offered to go look at it. A few minutes later, after Bob went to check on the engines. The two in the space ship heard the ripping of flesh, a creature messily devouring another creature. Blood spattered over the windshield. Amy and John saw Bob's head, just his head, fly past their windshield, hit the ground, and melt. A phantom had done this, and soon it would call upon it's other ghost friends and they would be up there in a second and kill the two of them. They both knew that. So, John took out a shotgun filled with Exterminator X2, the substance that they hoped would exterminate ghosts and phantoms, and just when the phantom opened his mouth to call his friends, BAM!!!! John shot him in the mouth. Specks of white mist went everywhere and then nothing. John looked at his gun and said, "Thank God it works! Wow! Does it work!"

John climbed back in the space ship without saying a word, and then they set of for Earth. When they got there they could see why the phantom came to Mars. The ghosts were running out of food. There were only maybe five survivors in the cage where the ghosts kept their food. Ghosts and phantoms were fading off by the second, because they need food to survive, and if they didn't eat properly, then they would disappear. That is why the phantom came to Mars, to find food for his fellow ghosts.

Well, however many people there were in the feeding cage, John and Amy would save them. The space ship landed, they attracted a few ghosts, but quickly got rid of them with the Exterminator X2. The cage was guarded by phantom warriors, but John and Amy did not know that. They thought they had a clear path to the cage.

When they got there they found out that, that was not true. A phantom came up behind John for a surprise attack. It came above John, and then John turned around. BAM! A shotgun fired, the phantom was gone. More phantoms came, and John had to fend them off. That left Amy in the clear.

Amy ran for all she was worth toward the cage. She reached the cage without seeing a single ghost. Then she heard a loud scream. It sounded like John's, but she couldn't really tell. When she reached the cage she opened the doors.

John was struggling with the phantoms. They were coming from all sides. John took his Exterminator X2 rifle and fired whenever and where ever he could. PAM! PAM! PAM! PAM! Then he heard a loud CLICK! John knew it wasn't from the phantoms. John let out a loud death cry and then he felt his whole body being ripped up and his guts pouring out. Now, John was nothing, but a pool of blood.

Amy stood by in horror. What used to be a cage of people was now a mass pool of blood. Above the blood floated ghosts, so many Amy could not count them all. All she did was stand and stare. Too bad, she had a 10% chance of making it back to the space ship. Instead, she stood there and watched as the ghosts ripped her apart. Her arms first, torn right off her body, blood pouring everywhere. Next they ripped her legs off, and all she did was stare not even a blink. Finally they ripped her body in half, and all her inner parts came pouring out, intestines ripped to shreds, her heart long strands of tissue. It was the worst way to die. At least, by a ghost.


C.W., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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