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Creek Path

One day four friends went to a horse camp. They didn't know what adventure was in store for them. When Haining, Stevie, Susanne and Katherine arrived at the horse camp all they wanted wanted was to go to bed. After they built their cozy tent they went to sleep.

The next morning Mrs. Caufield assigned the horses to everyone. Susanne got Blake, Haining got Guiness, Stevie got Gracie and Katherine got Sundance. That night they were talking about going on a trail ride.

"That would be fun! Don't you think?" Haining said, in her pyjamas. Everyone was sitting on Katherine's bed.

"Yeah!" Katherine and Susanne chorused.

"Mmmh, I don't know about going to Creek Path everyone says it's scary." Haining said.

"Sleep now." Stevie said, when she turned out the lights.

"I'm not going." Haining said turning the lights back on.

"Please." Susanne and Katherine pleaded.

"Oh, all right. I'll come to protect you guys." Haining teased. Stevie switched off the lights.

The next morning, when they got permission to go, they mounted their horses and started trotting towards Creek Path.

"Guys stop!" Susanne said one meter in front of Creek Path,"We can't go back this way!"

"So what?" Stevie asked.

"My friends told me once you're there you can't go back the way you came from. There is number one, two and three. In number one the ghosts and the dead horses come. Number two is nothing. In number three the wagons, the wolves, the ghosts and the dead horses come. The wagons shoot fire balls. If any of those touch you, you're dead." Susanne told them.

"All right, let's go!" Stevie said.

Then they started to gallop. The first one went okay, but it was very scary. In number two they took a rest and ate their sandwiches.

"Ready?" Susanne asked when they finished eating their sandwiches.

"Yup. Can I go last, then Katherine, then you and then Stevie?" Haining asked.

"Sure, but do you know that the last one has the hardest part in number three? That's because the wagons only chase the last person." Susanne said.

"Yup." Haining said.

They started to run. Then Stevie and Susanne heard screams. They stopped and awful but true they saw a wolf leaping over Katherine and Sundance. A wagon was shooting fire balls at Haining and Guiness. Then Stevie went behind Haining and Susanne went behind Stevie. The wagons were chasing Susanne. The wolves trampled over the wagons. They got back just in time for dinner.

The next morning Haining was mad at everyone.

"Haining why are you so mad at us?"Susanne asked. "You guys wanted me to come with you to Creek Path. I came with you to protect you." Haining said.

"I'm sorry." Susanne said.

"It's okay."

"Hey guys wake up." Susanne said,"You two have to apologize to Haining." Susanne whispered.

"Sorry Haining." They said.

"It's okay." Haining said. Now the four girls only have one more week before they have to leave. They are not going to tell anyone where they really went.

S.F., Grade Five
Bishop Strachan School





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