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Mom! Dad! The Walls...

The moving truck had just arrived and Rob and Janet were running down the stairs to help their parents unload their belongings and put them away. They had just moved to a house in the countryside that had not been lived in for over 100 years.

It was now 12 noon and Mrs. Banerd was in the kitchen making lunch while Mr. Banerd, Rob and Janet were in the living room unpacking. Suddenly they heard a scream from the kitchen. Mr. Banerd, Rob and Janet ran in to see what was up.

They got to the kitchen and Rob asked "What's happening, Mom?"

"That knife was just flying around the kitchen," replied Mrs. Banerd.

"Sure, Mom. You were probably hallucinating," said Rob.

"Lets go finish unpacking."

"Okay." Janet replied.bug

At that, Rob and Janet headed back towards the living room, but Mr. Banerd stayed to comfort Mrs. Banerd. Upon their arrival in the living room, Rob and Janet noticed that the walls were dripping a red liquid.

"Mom!, Dad! The walls are bleeding!" screamed Rob.

At hearing this Mr. and Mrs. Banerd came running in to the living room to find out that the wall's were really bleeding.

"Holy" said Mrs. Banerd. bug

"Don't worry," said Mr. Banerd reassuring his family, "it's probably just fruit juice."

"Yeah, whatever, Dad," Rob replied. "Maybe 300 gallons of fruit juice."

"Well, don't just stand there, get some paper towel," Mrs. Banerd cried.

"Whatever! Get real, Mom!" said Janet. "We are going to need Five hundred towels to clean up this mess."

After 25 minutes the terrible mess was cleaned up, but Janet and Rob were starting to worry about this new house and how weird things were getting. They decided to go and find out what was happening. So, they went down to the basement to investigate. After being down in the basement for about 5 minutes they decided that it looked pretty normal and went back up stairs.

The rest of the day was a very normal one for the Banerd family. They finished unpacking, they had dinner and they went to bed, but that night while Janet was trying to get to sleep she started hearing things. She got up and closed her window, but that did not stop the noise, it only made it clearer.

"I am going to kill you." the voice repeated, "I am going to kill you."

"Oh, just be quiet, will you? You are getting on my nerves," said Janet. At that the voice ceased to exist.

"Janet!" called Mr. Banerd the next morning. "Breakfast!"

When Janet did not answer her father decided to go get her because she was probably still sleeping and did not hear him. So, he ran up to her room and when he walked in, he stopped on the spot and screamed. Hearing the scream Rob, and Mrs. Banerd ran up to see what had happened. When they reached Janet's room they saw Janet and Mr. Banerd knocked out on the floor.

"Ahhh! What happened here?" screamed Mrs. Banerd.

"I will go get a nice cold, wet cloth." said Rob.

"You do that, Rob," replied Mrs. Banerd.bug

Rob ran off to get the cloth, but when he reached the kitchen he saw the cloth flying about. He chased it about the kitchen, but when got within a foot of the cloth he bumped into something. The strange thing was that he could not see what he had bumped into. Finally, the cloth fell to the floor with what seemed to be an evil laugh.

He brought the cloth to his mother and his mother put some ice into it. While Mrs. Banerd was applying the ice to Janet, Rob noticed something dripping from the walls.

"Mom the walls are doing it again," Rob said.bug

"Oh well, we will deal with it as soon as your father and sister come around."

In about ten minutes Rob, Janet, Mr.and Mrs. Banerd had a talk and decided they should leave their new house and move back to their old house. So, they reloaded the car and left for their old house. There was just one problem. Their car was not on the ground.

And, ever since that day, no one has ever been in that house because there are rumours that the ghost still haunts that house. And if you go there you will be given the same torture that the Banerd's were given. And, some people say that if you go there today you can still see the blood on the walls.


G.R., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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