ghost dog photo-illustration

The Ghost Dog

A few summers ago Lauren and Sarah went to sleep-over camp. It was their first time at camp. When they got there, they found out that they were in the same cabin. Lauren was very excited because everyone at school said, this was the best camp in the world! Sarah was a bit scared because everyone said the counsellors told scary stories.

During the second week there, Lauren and Sarah heard a scary ghost story called "The Ghost Dog." The counsellors said that a long time ago at a camp just north of where they were, children used to go to a camp and some never came back. There was one boy who had been going there for many years but the last year he went there nobody ever saw him again. You see all the counsellors said, there was a ghost dog that haunted the old camp. That one boy had never believed it but one night he was walking back to his cabin. There was nobody around. And after that night no one ever saw the boy again.

The night the boy disappeared, there was a long and sad howl thought to have came from the ghost dog. The next night after everyone had searched for the boy, there was one last howl. After that night, the camp was closed down. The boys parents were very upset because their only son was gone. The man who owned the camp was sent to jail because the police thought he had kidnapped the boy.

A few years later one of the old counsellors went back to the camp grounds and saw a necklace that looked like the same necklace the boy wore. The counsellor, who was now a young man, started to remember how much he loved spending his summers at the old camp. As he was leaving he decided to take the necklace to the boys parents.

"And that's the end of the the story, have a nice sleep," said the counsellor!

That night the two girls could not get to sleep. In fact, not one person in their cabin could sleep for the rest of the summer.

B.J., Grade Five, Bishop Strachan School





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