lady in white apparition

The Lady in White

Lisa, a teenaged girl, lived with her parents in a barnhouse two miles away from the nearest house. This week Lisa's parents were away on a trip. It was a rainy night and she was sitting in the living room, watching a horror show.

A news flash came on. The man talking said, "Richard Bling here, reporting a serious problem. There is a woman known to be roaming around this area. She has been seen wearing a white wedding dress. Nobody has seen her hair colour or her eye colour or any other features. She is said to be looking and trying to kill her fiance who didn't show up at the wedding. She has already killed one person who was said to look like her fiance. Please stay alert. I'm Richard Bling. Good night."

Lisa listened to the news flash with no concern. None of the things that happened on T.V. ever happened to her. bug

Then the horror show came back on. Lisa watched the show with interest.

Just then Lisa heard footsteps outside. Lisa thought it was just the rain. However, when she looked out the window she saw a white flash go by. " My minds just getting the better of me." Lisa thought reassuringly.

The front door closed.bug

Lisa called the police. "I think someone is in my house. Please come quickly." Lisa said.

Lisa heard a creak come from the stairs. She cautiously headed for the stairs. Quietly she stepped down the old staircase to the locked door. She opened it and there was the lady she had heard about on the television but the lady had a knife in her back. The woman had a white dress on, exactly like the one the woman had supposedly had on.

Lisa ran up the stairs and there were the police, waiting for Lisa in her living room. "Sh- she's downstairs." Lisa stammered.

The police found the woman and said that was the woman they were looking for. They took her away but the woman has been known to haunt that barnhouse ever since.

So, if you're out in a forest, two miles away from the nearest house, be prepared to meet the lady in the white dress.

S.R., Grade Five
Bishop Strachan School





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