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Buried Alive

It was a dark and gloomy night. There was an annoying, banging noise coming from outside my window. I opened the curtain to see what the noise was, but I saw nothing except the mist of the moon. I decided to go back to my bed. 'It was just the wind,' I thought to myself.

My name is Chester, Robert Chester. My parents are divorced. I live with my mom, but I visit my dad every month. I have no sisters or brothers. It's scary to be all alone in the house with my mom. There's always something freaky happening in the house; noises coming from empty rooms and objects disappearing. One day I promised myself that I'll find out what's going on in my house and I'll solve the mysterious case. I decided I'll start this mission the next time something happened.

Three nights have passed and nothing weird happened. "Robert," my mom cried, "I'm going to my girlfriend's house to play Bridge".bug

My mom, playing Bridge. She never used to know how to play that game. "Wait a minute," I yelled, but it was too late. The door was shut. It's time. If I don't start investigating, I may never see my mom again.

I started searching the house. I searched the whole house, and got to the wardrobe beside the main door. I opened its door which revealed a very quiet creak. After the door was opened, I took out all the coats in sight revealing the wall that is blocked by empty luggage bags on the other side. After tiresome work of taking out the luggage, I saw nothing, but a wall with a small message written neatly on it.

It said, "LOOK, BUT DO NOT TOUCH".bug

I thought to myself, I'm a chicken if I don't touch it, and crazy if I do. Oh well, crazy it is. After my shivering hand touched the wall, the ground inside the wardrobe started shaking. The carpeting was gone. There was no wall. All I saw was a stairway leading downwards. At first, I was scared to go down, but then I thought to myself, since my dad isn't here, I'm the man of the house. It's my job to protect it. I went down the stairs as slow as I can, step by step. My head bumped into a wooden object. That's when I lost my temper. I kicked the object as hard as I could.

"Why you ... AAAAAHH!"

Now I was really lost. I fell down a dark, tube-like object. BOOM! When I hit the bottom I could barely move a muscle. I tried to stand up, but it was impossible. That's when I realized something or somebody was staring at me from the darkness beyond. By the time I lifted my head, there was more than one of them. They were all laughing.

AAAAAHH! I screamed again, but this time louder. "You're ghosts!" At this moment, despite the pain from the plunge, I managed to stand up. It would be no use running away. I had no idea how to escape this chamber. With my eyes slowly getting used to the darkness, I noticed five caskets around me. There were knives getting chucked back and forth. The ghouls were coming towards me. I never knew ghosts could throw things. Then, I thought to myself that the caskets must be the ghost's caskets. I knew there was only one thing to do.

I picked up a knife from the floor, quickly opened one of the caskets, and stabbed the body in there. One of the ghosts disappeared. Now the four ghosts were frightened. They were trying to kill me with the knives. I was ducking every second. I opened the second casket and stabbed the body. Another ghost disappeared. I did the same to two more ghosts. They both disappeared. I didn't understand what was going on. I opened up the fifth casket. Now I was confused. The ghost disappeared before I stabbed the body. I went up the stairway to my left. I wasn't inside the wardrobe anymore. I saw my mom. She was confused. "What happened?" she asked. "It's a long story," I replied. I gave my mom a hug. Now I understood what happened. The ghosts must of went inside their body. They were buried alive.

N.N., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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