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The Ambulance

Andrew Sawyer was walking home one night when he heard a funny sound. He stopped and looked around. Right above him was an electrical repair man trying to change the telephone wire. Andrew dismissed the sound as being made by the repair man when suddenly he heard a scream. He jumped half a mile into the air and spun around. Everything looked the same, but just to be on the safe side he backtracked and looked around again. Nothing moved, including the repair man! Hurriedly, Andrew climbed the telephone pole to get to the repair man. He grabbed the man and climbed down. He checked the man's badge: "Colin Heillbut".

He was not too far from home. He could call the ambulance from there. Andrew plodded home dragging the man's gigantic weight. He dropped "Colin" on the living room floor and called 9-1-1. Andrew's wife, Sally, ran down the stairs and screamed. Lightning flashed. When Andrew could see again, Sally was lying on the ground with blood on her chest. What had happened? Andrew started to perspire. His palms started to sweat and his heart raced.

Finally that welcome sound came! Rrrrrnnn... Andrew ran outside to meet the ambulance, but they raced by him. He waved his arms in a fruitless attempt to stop them. He ran after them and they stopped at 98 Hudson. He lived at 92 Hudson. When he caught up with the ambulance, he was stopped by a man in a white uniform who said, "No tours."

Andrew said, "But, it was my house you were supposed to come to!"

"No, it says quite clearly here on our instructions: 98 Hudson. Oh my it doesn't! People! We shouldn't be here. We are supposed to be at 92 Hudson!" The man in the white medical coat yelled to his partners. And to Andrew he said, "Sir, it is a good thing you brought this to our attention."

Andrew, relieved, ran to his house and looked for his wife and Colin. He was sweating profusely now. He couldn't find her! He ran up the stairs with his heart pounding at an unhealthy rate. But, then the world began to spin and swirl about him. The last thing Andrew saw was a flash of lightning and blackness.

The man in the white medical coat, Igor, shook his head, saying under his breath, "The poor man babbling on about a dead wife and a hydro worker. It was probably jealousy that drove him off the deep end. What a shame. We'll put him where he can live a long life and not do any harm."

Andrew woke up. He was relieved to still be alive. He glanced around the white padded room. He couldn't move his arms. They seemed to be restrained securely from any movement. He cried out for help but no one answered. The only sound he could hear was the electric clock ticking on the wall. Slowly it dawned on him where he was.


A.B., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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