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The Largest Punishment of All

The group from Camp Jackson was on a day trip to the Museum of British Columbia. It was to do research on ghost myths by ancient people such as the Vikings and Romans. Joshua, the oldest person in the group, who was much bigger than everyone else, didn't believe in ghosts. He would always make fun of people who believed in ghosts. Other kids in the camp, like George Gates and Paul Mimran, claimed to have seen ghosts.

"This is gonna be as boring as school," argued Joshua. "I don't know why we have to do this corny thing anyway. I know for a fact that ghosts don't really exist. They're just some stupid rumour that dumb kids like Paul and George believe in!"

"Oh be quiet," shouted George, "just 'cause you haven't seen one doesn't mean they don't really exist!"

"Yeah? I think you and Paul should be going to the asylum!"

"Everyone please stop arguing!" said the Camp Director, Mr. Greythorne, "We must be on our best behaviour. You don't want to give this camp a bad reputation do you?"

"No, Mr. Greythorne," the group said together, as if it were a group prayer.

"Hello, everybody," a woman greeted the group, "my name is Sandra and I will be your guide for the remainder of the tour."

The group entered through the doors of the museum. The ceiling was about 200 feet high. It looked as if there were ghosts looking down at them, but the kids did not notice.

"We will be entering the North wing of the museum, the section with myths and legends from hundreds of years ago."

"Wow, look at those weird pictures," said Lance, another kid in the camp, "they look pretty creepy."

"Oh, be quiet," shouted Joshua, "you're just letting those pictures scare you. They're not even real."

"All right," said Sandra, "let's go to the ancient scripts written about these ghosts."

Joshua was behind the group, making fun of all the silly spirits and ghosts. Joshua started to walk towards the group who had just finished walking out of the room. He approached the doorway which had no door, but whenever he tried to go through - he got a small shock and was unsuccessful at getting through.

"Hey," he cried, "what's happening!? Guys, look, I can't get through!"

Nonetheless, the kids could not hear him, since the doors were soundproof, and he could not get his message to the other group, and everyone else forgot him, just by pure bad luck.

"Ha ha ha," laughed a low and loud voice, that Joshua could not pin point, "you are in our world now. The world of spirits and ghosts. You have continually annoyed the ghosts and me. We have grown to have a major grudge against all humans who not only don't believe in us, but also say ridiculous things about us."

"W-w-what are you going to do to me? Please have mercy," begged Joshua, "I promise I will always believe in ghosts and spirits."

"Well, you are too late. You have caused great rage among us. Because of all that you have done, we are going to turn you into a ghost that shall roam the world for all eternity. Nobody shall notice you and not even think of you. It will be as if you never existed. Your parents won't even know or have a clue about you. Your name will be taken out of every record with your name in it. Joshua S. Creed, from this point on you will be a wandering spirit for all eternity!"

With that terrifying speech, the voice's body soon came into sight. It looked just like a human from a very long time ago. It had no colour and was very pale. It was floating high up in the air. The ghost put his hands up high, and all Joshua could see was a flash of light. Instantly he tried to run up to the camp group. He found them at the door walking towards the bus.

As Joshua walked to the bus, nobody noticed him. He took a seat on the bus, and George walked to where he was.

"Hi, George!" said Joshua.

George didn't answer. He began to sit down where Joshua was. He went right through Joshua as he sat!

Now Joshua really did know he was a worthless ghost that would never be noticed. He flew through the window, and began to fly up and up. He was one of the victims of the worst punishment of all. This was just the beginning. His life would be full of pain. Nobody ever remembered him again.


A.L., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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