The Silver Coins

"Skreek", went the coffin as Elaine Kastansa's lifeless body was revealed to her brother, Henry. Henry slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, black, velvet bag. Carefully, he untied the yellow string tied around the top of the bag, and tipped it upside- down. Two silver coins fell into his hand. Mournfully, he put one of the coins on each of Elaine's eyes and closed the coffin. In a matter of seconds Henry was in his car racing off through the dark and rainy night.bug

The grave digger was watching Henry putting the coins on Elaine's eyes and thought he could make some easy money by stealing them. "Henry, you are a genius," the grave digger said out loud. Maliciously, he ripped open the coffin, and frowned at the dead body. Quickly, he snatched the coins from Elaine's eyes and ran out of the graveyard like a rocket.

The grave digger thought that he would go out the next day to a coin shop and cash them in. When he got home, he was so exhausted and tired that he collapsed in his chair and fell right asleep. Half-way through the night he woke up suddenly to have a midnight snack, as he did every night (he thought it was a terrible habit, but he just couldn't stop). But, when he got to the fridge, the food was all soggy and warm, and the little light didn't turn on either. For a minute he thought it was a black-out. But then, he saw stuck to the refrigerator door, a long unpaid electricity bill.

bug After having his soggy food he went to his bed, but couldn't get to sleep. He was sure he could hear a clanking noise that sounded like someone shaking a large box of keys. But this sound was louder as if it was being amplified by some speakers. Then, to his surprise he heard a knocking on his door. He thought, even hoped, it was the landlord about the eviction notice he was given the day before. He rose to open the door. He peered through the small crack he allowed, and yelped with fright! It was the old stiff from whom he stole the coins. The dead body was talking, and walking, "GIVE ME MY COINS!" it yelled, "GIVE ME MY COINS!" An arm reached to him, and the grave digger was so scared he felt faint. After that night he was never seen again.

C.P., Grade Six
Upper Canada College Preparatory School





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